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      I'm using one of the starter solutions template in filemaker pro 12 to do an expenses report. It will be used to the iPad platform. There is just one small problem: The printing layout. The transactions are sorted by the type of transation and the amounts per transaction are also listed, however, the TOTAL amount per category isn't. It only gives me the grand total amount for all of the categories. I really want the total or subtotal amount per individual category. This might be simple to perfom for someone else, but it's driving me nuts here. Hope someone out there can help me. Thanks.

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          Sounds like you need a new calculation field - GetSummary; Total with break field of Category
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            Is your list already sorted by category? And do you have a subsummary field when sorted by Category?

            If so you might want to add a trailing subsummary part when sorted by Category and put the sum total field in that trailing sub summary part.

            Note that you only see subsummary parts when the records are properly sorted.

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              @Chris & DaSaint: Both of your suggestions worked. I have the sum total field in the right layout part. Now, I'm having trouble with the calculation formula. The amounts are not being added up correctly per individual category. 

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                Update: I just found the solution to my problem. The sum total field is in the right place and showing the right number. Thanks for helping me out, Chris & DaSaint.

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                  Hi Larry - you shouldn't need to do both. If you have a layout with a subsummary based on Category, you have a normal total summary field, and you sort the layout by category (amongst other things), then you don't need the GetSummary calc. Just try doing it one way. You only need the getSummary calc if you can't have a layout subsummary poart based on Category, or you can't or don't want to sort by Category.