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           Why is this so hard? 


           I have just set up my database with 102 records. I want to have a grand total for the sum of all the values in one specific field from each of the records. I made a trailing grand summary in a table view and made a new calculation field, but none of my attempts of Total = Sum (...) seems to get me the right answer. Help please!

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               I created a test.fm12 with records defined with SDATE and AMOUNT.  I created a Table view layout.  Under Layout Setup>Properties I checked footer.  And I added AMOUNT.sum (my summary field) and it worked.  Re-reading your question, I noted "TRAILING GRAND SUMMARY".  So I changed my footer to that.  I had to expand the column width, but it did display a total.

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                 If you're in FM12, did you try clicking the drop down arrow in a field heading in table view, selecting Trailing Subtotals, then Total?  If you get a '?' mark, widen the column.

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                   Try using a summary field instead of a calculation field, and see if that helps.

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                     Yes, a field of type summary and with Show All Records to pull all records into your found set will give you a grand total of all records in your table. You may want to look up the sum function in FileMaker Help to see how it is used.