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Question asked by geofryde on Feb 20, 2015
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Just new FM, if someone could assist.

I have a portal on a layout, i would like to do a sub total by data entered in to that category

I have setup a 
Table - Wages, -ID, Date From, Date To, Total Hrs, Total Time, Gross Wage, Tax, Net Wage.
Table - Wages Details - Date, Job, Pay Code, Start Time, Finish Time & Total
There are other fields also but just need one to start, there is to many to write here
Portal on the wages layout- Wages Details
In that portal with the headings noted below
Date,  AU        Job Name, Pay Code, Start Time,     Finish Time,   Total
D=11/02/15, JN=Myer, PC=MTR, ST=06:00 am, FT=06:45 am, T=00:45
D=11/02/15, JN=Myer, PC=WRK, ST=06:45 am, FT=12:45pm, T=6:00
D=11/02/15, JN=Myer, PC=MTR, ST=12:45 pm, FT=13:45 am, T=01:00
D=11/02/15, JN=Myer, PC=WRK, ST=13:45 am, FT=15:30 pm, T=01:45
D=11/02/15, JN=Myer, PC=MTR, ST=15:30 am, FT=17:30 pm, T=02:00
So the above for MTR would = 00:45+01:00+02:00 = 3:45hrs, for WRK = 06:45+1:45 = 07:45
I would like to find out how to Subtotal by the Pay Codes column , e.g.: MTR & WRK as i have Travel Hrs, Work Hrs, and others.
I have calculated the total portal column, by total time,  but not the above
I know its a calculation, but not how to do it.
Also, if i have a Pay Rate table and my rate is, say $18 per hr, and i get a pay rise to $20 per hr, if i add to that table, how do i auto select the new pay rate for new entries but keep the old for old entries, would i have to have a Pay Level field to lock it to that field.
It would be kind of you to help, thanking you in advance

hoping i have explained it ok