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Calculations - store - don't store

Question asked by Annette on Feb 11, 2015
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Calculations - store - don't store


I was looking for some help around calculations and storing results. I have the following calculation which provides me a number: If ( IsEmpty ( Date Received ) and IsEmpty ( Date Accepted ); "Please Enter Dates"; Let ( [D2 = If ( IsEmpty ( Date Accepted ) ; Date Received ; Date Accepted ) ;           My = If ( IsEmpty (Ax Date ) ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ; Ax Date )] ;                    My- D2)) Works fine.  I use this field in a script which feeds a number into a report.  BUT....if I allow it to create indexes as needed it doesn't update the number necessary. If I select don't store, recalculate as needed it takes ages for it to run that script.  what am I doing wrong?  Is there a way to update the info without it taking so long to run?