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calculations based on time

Question asked by FrankBell on Jun 30, 2012
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calculations based on time


I'm having trouble with time calculations. I want to compare a due out time with the current time, and flag it accordingly. I have:

Case (
  Status  = "In planning" and (Get ( CurrentDate ) > Date out or (Date of return = Get ( CurrentDate ) and Get(CurrentTime) > (Time out + 7200)))
;"Hasn't left yet?";
  (Date of return < Get ( CurrentDate ) or (Date of return = Get ( CurrentDate ) and (Time of return to camp + 7200)  > Get ( CurrentTime ))) and Status ≠ "Has returned"


(Text in red is the problem). "Time out" is a time field; the entry method is a value list which reads "12:30 PM, 1:00 PM, 1:30 PM..." etc. I want to compare that to the current time, with two hours (7200 seconds) leeway, to set the text. It doesn't work. How would one accomplish this?