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Calculations Between Portal Rows

Question asked by disabled_patrickmartin on May 5, 2015
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Calculations Between Portal Rows


Hi all,

I am just wondering if it is possible to perform calculations between portal rows? Example is doing a basic flight planning database. Table one would be waypoints, table two would be flight plans and table three would be waypoints used. 

I would imagine you would do a layout with the flight plan and a portal to waypoints used. This would do a lookup from waypoints to get your data. This part is straight forward. 

What I want to know is with the list of added waypoints in the portal, you want to do calculations between them within the portal for example. Fuel burn. It would start with the first entry which would come from the flightplans table; example 80L. The next line in the portal row would be a calculation like:

Value in portal row above - (time enroute*fuel burn)

And this would then go for each waypoint down the portal row till the end which would tell you how much fuel would be left?

Does this make sense?