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    Calculations in a merge field



      Calculations in a merge field


           I have created a form letter with merge fields.  One merge field is <<FPC Expiration Date>> and I want it to only merge with expiration dates that equal 11/30/2016.  How can I set that up?  I am very new to FileMaker Pro so I thank you all for your help and detailed explanations!

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               Are you saying that you want that date to be visible only if it is 11/30/2016? Won't that date change at some point in the future?

               Or perhaps you should perform a find for all records where this date is 11/30/2016?

               If the answer to that last question is No:

               Is that merge field part of a larger block of layout text that must always be visible or is it a separate layout object?

               If it is a separate layout object, you can use conditional formatting to make it disappear for records that don't have that expiration date.

               If it is part of a larger block of layout text, you can define a calculation field that is empty unless the value of FPC Expiration Date is 11/30/2016 and then you put that merge field on your layout in place of <<FPC Expiration Date>>.

               If ( FPC Expiration date = GetAsDate ( "11/30/2016" ) ; FPC Expiration date )