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Calculations in portals

Question asked by GoncaloOliveira on Jul 8, 2015
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Calculations in portals



I'm using FM 14 Pro ADV to build a Fitness Database.

My objetive is to have a record that represents a client and right next to the name of the client a portal with his weight and other body measurements (existing in a Measurements Table) in which I can see the the diferences through time to see if the treatments/ exercises are working.


So, I'd want to have something like this:



10 July 15                85Kg     90cm

10 August 15           83Kg     87cm     -2Kg     -3cm

10 September 15     80Kg     85cm     -3Kg     -2cm

I want to create fields that calculate the subtraction between the previous portal row and the current new row I've just inserted.


How can I do this?

Thank you!