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Calculations in Sub Summary Report

Question asked by ghfarm on Jan 22, 2013
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Calculations in Sub Summary Report


     I’m having a problem getting the correct totals for certain parts of a sub summary report.  This is a simple sales summary report for a single sales day based on two main tables (Orders and Invoice Details).  I want to count the number of customers at a specific delivery site and do a trailing grand summary of the invoice totals.  The problem is that I can’t do both at the same time on a single report. 

     I can count the invoices for a particular delivery site when the report is based on the Orders Table, but the trailing grand summary returns only the last value for the invoice totals.

     Similarly, when the report is based on the Invoice Details Table the trialing grand summary calculates correctly but the invoice count for each delivery stop reverts to 1.  I can’t base the count on the Invoice Details table because it will obviously return the number of line items rather than a simple count of the number of invoices.

     I’ve tried all manner of calculated fields in both tables but with no success.  I’ve attached a sample of the report to illustrate the problem.