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Calculations not working since Upgrading to FM Pro 2012

Question asked by SteveStaves on Apr 24, 2012
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Calculations not working since Upgrading to FM Pro 2012


This past weekend, we upgraded my client from Filemaker v6 to 2012 and so far, almost everything works like a charm.  He has an odd issue though on the following 2 formulas:

Case(Quantity A: = " " ; " "; Quantity A: >= 1;  (Case( Delivery Code? = "b"; ((a. Paper Weight A:  + b. Paper Weight A:) * Delivery Freight per LB Rate:) + Delivery Freight Base Rate:)))

a. Paper Total Cost A: + a. Press Total Costs A: + a. Ink Total Cost A: + a. Prepress Total Charges: + a. Bindery Total Qty A: + a. Farmed Out Total Quantity A: + Delivery Charge Quantity A: + b. Paper Total Cost A: + b. Press Total Costs A: + b. Ink Total Cost A: + b. Prepress Total Charges: + b. Bindery Total Qty A: + b. Farmed Out Total Quantity A:

Basically, when the area marked a is filled out and b is not, the total comes up as a ?.  When a and b are filled in, the total is just fine and accurate.  Typically area a will be filled out and b will be left blank so having a ? as the total because b is blank is causing him major headaches.  In the previous version (FM Pro 6) this worked without error.

Is there something that he needs to do in order to get the totals to disaply even if any one field is blank?  i.e.  A blank field should be a 0 (Zero) so 1 plus o is 0 but here 1 + blank is ?.