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Calculations on main Table

Question asked by JDenault on Apr 28, 2009
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Calculations on main Table


Hi there, 


I have the following fields on my main application table where data is added:


Application Date (current date, defaults)

Re-Entry Date (current date +1 defaults)

Application Time (drop down menu of half hours, entered in this format - "5:30pm")

Re-Entry Time (?) 

Control Agent (check box list of pesticides, maybe 20-25 or so)


Each Pesticide has a Re-Entry Interval associated with it in a different table (6hours, 7hrs,  12 hours, 18 hours etc etc etc) They are all stored as numeric whole numbers


My question is, is there a way to have the Re-Entry Time autofill according to the current Re-Entry Interval in the other table, once the Pesticide is checked in the box?   I would want this based off the Application Time that is entered +1 hour ( Re-Entry starts once application is finished, generally an hour)  


To make things more complicated, there are times we spray 2 pesticides at once.  The Re-Entry Interval would then be the larger of the 2 Re-Entry Interval, plus half the smaller Re-Entry Interval. 


Basically I am trying to bypass us adding these times in our head and manually filling in "Re-Entry Time"  as we have set up currently in Access.  Not sure it is possible though.  It is probably a complicated calculation if even possible