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Calculations on Reports

Question asked by SandyHaaf on Nov 7, 2012
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Calculations on Reports


     So, I'm trying to create a report (layout) that has calculations on it.  For example.  I have 2 fields VAC & LAC and I want to multiply them together.  This is the value I want to appear on my report (called Power).  Is the only way to do this is to add a field to the table that does this calculation?  Can I just do a on the fly calculation on the report?

     Then I want to summarize Power.  By month, year, all data.  Do I need to add summary fields to the table too? 

     General questions (are calculated fields stored in the database or are they calculated on the fly?)  It seems strange to me to have all these fields in the table just for reports.  If I have to add summary fields to the table for every report I need to make, my table is going to have twice as many fields, it seems wrong.

     Am I missing something?

     I appreciate your guidance and help.