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    Calculations with different parts of a found set



      Calculations with different parts of a found set


           So I have a found set of records. I want to take the percentage of a certain type of records can I write a calculation field that sums up say revenue from all the records in my found set. And then by some criteria, for example the orders have to be made by members, and sum the revenue from those selected records within the found set.

           The purpose would be to get the percentage so then I would divide the member order revenue, by the total revenue in a calculation field. Or can I not isolate different parts within the found set?

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               Try using Summary fields.
               Defining summary fields
               Use summary fields to calculate values such as subtotals, averages, and grand totals across multiple records. For example, a summary field can display the grand total of all sales in the month of May in a report.
               To define summary fields:
               With the database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.
               In the Manage Database dialog box, click the Fields tab.
               If your database contains more than one table, select the appropriate table from the Table list.
               For Field Name, type a name for the field.
               See About naming fields.
               For Type, select Summary.
               Click Create.
               In the Options for Summary Field dialog box, select a summary type, then select the field you want to group data by.