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Calculations within Case

Question asked by RandallGrove on Nov 23, 2010
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Calculations within Case


I am a newbe

I am building a form that Calculates the price and cost of a number of items (custom manufacturing).  I am using  multi-able value lists that use Case to obtain a value to use in another calculation. These values are calculated in other tables and work just fine in their native tables. However when I try to use their calculated value in the form and Case mentioned above, I get nothing.

ValueCount ( FilterValues ( SubType1 ; "Acrylic Clear NG (1/8)")) ; "Background Substrate::perSqincha * SsArea1 ;" ;
ValueCount ( FilterValues ( SubType1 ; "Acrylic Clear NG (1/4)")) ; "Background Substrate::perSqinchb * SsArea1 ;" ;

Help please, while I still have hair.