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Calculations, FM Pro 9

Question asked by Melinda on Oct 17, 2009
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Calculations, FM Pro 9


I am using FM 9 (shared over a network) on a MAC (OS 10) and am having trouble creating a calculation, which seems like it should be fairly simple.  I am a beginner to intermediate FM user, so the more detailed the replies ther better.  :)


I have 3 fields (AM, PM, LPM) that collect data entered as a number or as a letter.  I need to assign the letter the value of .5 ( i.e. T = .5 ).  I need to summarize the data entered as "T" in a fourth field (Travel).


Basically, if  AM, PM, and LPM each have a "T" entered, I need Travel to display 1.5...  if only AM is "T", then Travel = .5...  if AM and PM both have "T" entered, then Travel = 1...  and so on.


Travel should only read "T" in the fields and ignore any other entry in the fields... as the other letters will need to relate similarly to a different field.