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Calculations, FM Pro 9 -- HELP!!

Question asked by Melinda on Nov 30, 2009
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Calculations, FM Pro 9 -- HELP!!


First, I am using Mac OS X, running FM Pro 9, over a FM server... AND, I have learned a great deal from many of you, but still consider myself a novice with FM...


I have the following calculation assigned to a specific field (AM Activity):


If ( AM Activity  ≠  "C" or "E" or "H" or "O" or "P" or "T" or "X" or IsEmpty ( AM Activity ) ; (Service DB::Daily Rate - Service DB::Per day travel included in daily rate) * .5 )


There are two similar calculations assigned to similar fields (PM Activity and LPM Activity)


Basically, the calculations serves to record .5 day of work if any number is entered in the fields.  At present our numbers follow a pattern of 091001, 091002, 091003, etc...  For some reason, if a number contains more than one "1" it is adding .5 for each "1"...  so, 091001 is recording a "1" instead of a ".5" and 091011 records a "1.5" instead of a "1"...  


The ".5" records in another field (Billable Days) with the calculation:


PatternCount ( AM Activity & PM Activity & LPM Activity ;   AM Activity & PM Activity & LPM Activity ≠ "C"or "T" or "O"  or "P" or "H" or "X" or "E" or "F") * .5


Any ideas?  Suggestions?  I am hoping this is a REALLY simple fix -- if I need to clarify anything, please let me know!  


THANK YOU so much for any help!!