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Calculations, FM Pro 9 -- More help needed...

Question asked by Melinda on Dec 10, 2009
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Calculations, FM Pro 9 -- More help needed...


I need some help related to this post:


As a reminder, I am using Mac OS X, running FM Pro 9, over a FM server...  beginner to intermediate, though when it comes to defining calculations it has become clear that I am still hovering around the beginner level...  


I have a layout that collects information in the following fields: AM Activity, Billable Days, Calibration (there are more, but unecessary, I think, to post here).  When I enter a class number (091012, for example) into the activity field, the following calculation works beautifully:


Billable Days = ( ( not IsEmpty( Filter ( AM Activity ; "0123456789" ) )  * .5


but I run into trouble if our class has multiple parts (each class is specified by a number, if it has multiple parts it gets labeled with a letter; 091012C, for example). The letter is problematic only when it  contains letters we use to code work that is not billable to a client, such as Calibration.  The calibration field works just fine and contains the following calculation:


Days Calibrate = PatternCount ( AM Activity ; "C" ) * .5 


I have tried a number of combinationsof calculations in attempt to filter out the letter (always the 7th character)...  here is one example:


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Billable Days = If(Filter (AM Activity; "middle (AM Activity;7;1) ") ; (not IsEmpty ( Filter ( AM Activity ; "0123456789" ) ) )* .5)


If I enter 091012 it populates the the billable days field with .5; no problem. If I enter 091012C both the billable days and calibration fields are populated with .5; problem...  it should only populate the billable days field. If I change the "not IsEmpty" to "IsEmpty" and enter 091012C it only populates the calibration field, but if I enter 091012, it leaves the billable days field blank... 


I do need to be able to enter a "C" in the Activity field and still have it populate the calibration field, but anytime a number includes a letter, I want it to only read the numbers.  


I appreciate the help!!

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