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Calendar - adding events to existing events list

Question asked by Stu412 on May 12, 2015
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Calendar - adding events to existing events list


I have a calendar which I've downloaded and been able to integrate to my FM database and in turn, tie this in against my Work table which holds records of projects against customers.

The primary method to add a project against a customer is from the customer parent layout with a portal to the work table.  This in turn shows up on the calendar and you can view it there.  Each day on the calendar is built via a portal linking back to my Work table - the calendar itself is built on the Weeks table which show the dates it'll need.  

I cannot pretend to know exactly how it works at this point which I think is the cause of my question.

For this to be super slick, I want to add events directly on the calendar screen, but there are issues.

1) I cannot create new events, but I can modify existing events.  The relationship is set to allow new records to be added, but if I click the portal it says it's not modifiable.

2) If I could add new events, I'd need to know who the customer is.  On existing events, this is dealt with via the relationship between the Work and Customer table.

A couple of issues and a rambling post....

Thanks in advance!