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    Calendar / Contact follow-up



      Calendar / Contact follow-up


      I'd like to thank in advance for any responses that are made. I've been using ACT for thirteen years so this is new to me.  I have FileMakePro 10.0v3 and I'm using it for a new MacBook Pro OS X. 


      I thought that I would start using a template database first before I create my own custom one.  I launched the Contact Management template to start and enter contacts.  Either I'm really obtuse, but I can't even find where to follow up with a client, i.e. with a calendar so if i want to call, fax or email later, I see no place to give me a reminder. I don't know if this is some extra script that you have to install, but it would seem pretty fundamental on a CMS software, so I'm assuming I'm just not seeing it.  I've looked through the video tutorials and through the .pdf files that come with the software but so far, no luck.


      I'd like to export my ACT .dbf file into this too, but so far I'm only seeing a few options of extensions that can be exported...  


      Thanks for any help. 

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          Steve Wright

          If you want alerts to automatically pop up so to speak, when a task is due you may want to take a look at the demo of 

          Scriptfire, from Dacons  - http://www.dacons.net/fmplugins/scriptfire/


          Unlike the current version of filemaker, this lets you schedule mulitple scripts to run by times and dates, which are remembered even when closing and re-opening the solution.  So for instance, after setting a follow up, you could run a script which shows you a message relating to this follow up and allows you to go directly to the record.


          For some form of calendar / scheduling system, I would highly recommend taking a closer look at Seedcode's new calendar  

          They have just released their new free version and the pro version is due out on the 16th which is truly an amazing piece of work and easy to modify. I did a complete integration, with loads of modifications into our existing solution within a week (a video showing this is on their site) 



          You could combine the two fairly easily (its my intention to) and create a very powerful solution solution


          Ive never used ACT, but it sounds like these may be what you are looking for.