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Calendar / multiple class lesson plans

Question asked by cztech on Sep 22, 2013
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Calendar / multiple class lesson plans



                    I came across a thread referring to PhilModJunk's calendar layout, which caught my attention, because I'm trying to create a database that stores lesson plans, for multiple classes per day.

                    I've done this before, with a clunky 1-record-per-week calendar (approx 40 records to cover 180 school days, with "days off" in the school weeks), and separate layouts for each class, but it's gotten to the point where it's unwieldy now. I'm a "half-better-than-newbie" but haven't used scripts before except the "standard" quickie stuff (no calculations, variables). I can read a script and figure out what it's doing (I cut my teeth on computer programming back in the 70s, but that's about 3 lifetimes ago!)

                    How best can I utilize the calendar layout to insert (portal?) for each class (up to 7 classes per day)? My prior database used 7 layouts for 7 classes, 7 layouts for weekly (1 week per class) with additional data), and then 5 layouts (1 per day) to leave plans for a substitute teacher. This is where I realized a PORTAL would eliminate "sub plans MONDAY", "TUESDAY" etc.

                    Do I need to create a table with 180 records (1 per school day)?? How do I ensure that the records show in the correct "day" on the calendar?

                I'm using FMP 12 Advanced.

                    As far as I can figure out, I'll need 180 records of lesson plans to fill in 180 school days, with multiple classes per record, each record with it's own date field?  Then I can set the relationship between the classes' DATE and the calendar DATE to display the right lessons on the right days

                    I was originally thinking I could use a combination of portals and tab-controls to make the viewing easier, fewer layouts to deal with, but not sure if this is the right tactic.

                    I believe I need at least 3 views/layouts:

                      1. Calendar view for the "big picture" planning and scheduling lessons for each class (I teach World Language levels 1-4).

                      2. Weekly view (per class) with more details, per school requirements (ie: ESOL strategies, differentiation, CCSS for ELA - new this year)

                      3. (?) a view to combine classes for a single day with extra notes to leave for a substitute (responsible students, where materials are kept, etc).

                    All suggestions greatly appreciated!!!  I procrastinated, knowing that it would take me a while to get this done, and now it's already 5 weeks into the school year!