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    Calendar Issue



      Calendar Issue


      Hello everyone, I am quite new to Filemaker and I have run across an issue with the calendar I'm working on.

      The calendar is set so that the user selects a customer in the drop down menu, and then they are prompted to select a date from the drop down calendar and then any event records for that week will show up on the calendar.


      The issue I'm having is that the calendar is displaying  all the event records for each customer, regardless of the date selected. Ex: I select the week of December 21st and the same records will show on the week of December 8th. I want the calendar to only display events for the selected week.


      How would I go about this issue. Do you think it's a script error?

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          It's impossible to tell from your post. There are a lot of different ways to set up what you want. Some require no scripting at all. Can you make a more detailed description of what you have set up?

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            Sorry about the vagueness, like I said, I'm new to this. I will do my best to describe the issue.


            I have a global popover menu for the user to enter an event, date, and customer.

            I have a global user field, which is a drop down list for the user to select a customer from the default menu,

            Next to that, I have a global field with a drop down calendar for the user to select a date. When they select a date, any event records for the customer they selected, will show up in the calendar.

            my issue is that no matter what date I select, all the records for the selected user come up. If the customer has an event during the first week of december, but no events on the second week of december, the calendar should not display any event records on the second week of december.

            I have a basic script that takes the information entered into the popover, and enters it on a separate layout, and then displays it on the calendar.

            Please let me know if you need more clarification

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              You need to describe the design of your "calendar".

              From what you describe you appear to have a popover with several global fields located inside the popover panel, one for selecting the customer, one for selecting a date.

              But how is that data used to change what appears in the calendar? How is that calendar designed?