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Calendar layout

Question asked by LiaGuercio on Jun 3, 2011
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Calendar layout



I'm new to filemaker, but know relational databases well. I needed to make a calendar to make bookings for a simulator. I decided to first work on the calendar part, I looked at a simple basic calendar with 2 tables that uses a few calculations for the dates. So far so good, I learnt how to design the layout to show the current month and then put in buttons to go one month forward and on emonth backward at a time......  The layout that i want is in month mode which i designed, so when i browse the layout the view is the one i designed. When i click on the next month arrow i view the next month however the layout is another form i designed in month view which i didn't really like. So i then hit the back arrow to go back to the previous month thinking it will go back to my first form layout but instead it shows me the second layout again. How do i get the database to show me the first layout i designed each time i scroll forward and back through the months. 


Thanks in advance