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calendar newbie woes

Question asked by RMckeown on May 23, 2011
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calendar newbie woes


I have created a very simple flat file which has two sets of date and time namely ....

Booking date              booking time

Viewing date              viewing time

I need a calendar for these, in the normal format (eg able to switch between day view /week view and month view)

I also would like to add another database called holidays and have those items show up on the calendar.   

Plus if I click on a booking or viewing if will take me to that record

Ideally  I would also like to drag a booking around on the calendar, with the customer file reflecting the change.

Also, ideally, I would also like to be able to click on an empty space and be transferred into the customer's record to add a new customer record.

Obviously, the calendar should be reading from the data file so that it is permanently in sync with it.

I guess there is no simple solution to do this (for a non-programmer), but

(a) is it possible with FM

(b) how much would it cost to have someone do it for me