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    Calendar Popup



      Calendar Popup


      I current have a layout with no tab order, because after the user inputs data I do not want to go to the next field/record. One of those fields is a calendar field. So my problem is, once they select a date from the calendar the "popped up calendar" does not go away until they click the next field and or click white space. Is there a way to make the calendar pop-up go away after a date selection?

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          Steve Wright

          I take it you are not using the option 'Include icon to show / hide calendar' which means it pops up as soon as you enter the field.


          One way would be to set an OnObjectModify script trigger, then use a script with the step

          Go to Field[]   (with no field specified)  or a commit record step.


          If you enable the option (mentioned above) the calendar will disappear when a date is selected, but it also wont pop up straight away on entering the field.

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            That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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              How could I accomplish the same thing when I already have a script trigger on that field for validation purposes - it checks to see if the start date is greater than the end date and, if so, changes either the start date or the end date to match the other field, depending on which field was changed... then it runs the filtering script.  

              The idea is for the user to click on the global date field and a calendar pops up, they click on the date of their choosing and then the calendar disappears and the field is exited so that, with a single sure click more and not three unsure ones, the user can open the calendar of the next field if they choose.  

              I have tried a number of variations on what I have read here and the behavior I get is unacceptable.  The calendar, or the next field's calendar (and neither of these fields are in the tab order! ...and it can't be the validation script because I have tried to move it to a comment field by setting the comment field with its own comment at the end of the validation script), is always activated once the user selects the date.  These fields are stacked one on top of the other in the header and determine part of a filter.  The popup calendar behavior is interfering with the smooth flow and the user confidence.  We choose not to use the drop-down box because it is hidden until the field is entered and because it looks bad - both the icon and the lack of proper centering when the icon has once again vanished.  I simply just want a way to programmatically exit the field.  Any ideas on how to do that?


              Matthew Smith

              FMP/FMPA/FMSA 11