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Calendar Project Tasks

Question asked by FredAlmeida on Jan 29, 2013
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Calendar Project Tasks


     FM Users,

     I am ready to make the move to FileMaker Pro provided it can help me manage my multiple projects (25-30) with a visual calendar view of daily tasks and next steps for each of my projects.

     I would like to be able to switch back and forth between a monthly, weekly, and daily calendar view and within the daily view have a list of the tasks or next steps due on that day for each of my projects.

     Does anyone have experience using FileMaker to manage their projects in this way, who could advise me as to whether making the investment in the FileMaker learning curve would be worth my efforts?

     Thanks, Fred



     Monday, February 2, 2013

     • Client-A Project No. 2245-1 : Submit bid requests.

     • Client-B Project No. 3462-2 : Files due to release.

     • Client-C Project No. 8527-1 : Final approvals due.