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           Hi all,

           I want to put a calendar into my FileMaker 12 system. I want to be able to drag an appointment from say today at 2pm to today at 4pm. Alternatively,  I'd like to be able to drag the appointment time so it goes from 2pm to 4pm if possible if required.

           I looked a found a SeedCode calendar that wasn't what I needed.

           Any ideas?



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               The drag and drop trick is possible, but not a simple thing to implement. If you are willing to try a different method for moving appointments around, such as clicking the current time slot to select it and then clicking a button next to the new timeslot instead of dragging, the design work needed is much simpler and easier to figure out.

               I have a very simple to implement calendar demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8d03xvwe8vtz85/Calendar.fp7

               But you'd have to add to it to be able to facilitate easy appointment changes.

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                 Thanks Phil, much appreciated!

                 I'll give that a try.  For the purpose required, drag and drop is going to be more convenient so I'm going to try to implement that if I can.


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                   Hi Phil,

                   When I try to open in either FM11 or 12, it says 'a script is either missing or deleted'.  If I 'OK', the calendar doesn't build itself. Will have a look at it myself.



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                     Thanks for the heads up. I recently updated the file to make it play nice on networked systems. Must have broke something in the process. I'll take a look and post back here when the file is fixed.

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                       For some reason, the script reference in FileOptions that runs CreateMonth when the file opens was missing. Once I corrected that entry, all seems good. You can download again and test if you want.

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                         Thanks Phil.. very much appreciated!!