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Calendars - Help Really Needed

Question asked by MatthewKingham on Jan 16, 2012
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Calendars - Help Really Needed


Hi, I'm really really stuck at one point in my database and would really appreciate some guidance. I have to make a 'calendar' for the staff that shows orders, and I've done this in a makeshift way by using individual portals to filter the records. It's working great, but the only problem is that some staff can 'assist' on an order and so the order needs to show up on their calendar as well.

The calendar is based on the 'Staff' table, so when you go through records, you're actually going through staff members and it shows you their calendar. I just can't figure out how to filter the portals so the orders will show up on the assisting staff as well as the main staff member who's order it is.

I have made a mockup of the file I mean:

I hope somebody can help me with this, it would be GREATLY appreciated - it's been giving me a headache for days!