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      I have a calendarfile made in FMpro8.

      31 days (records) match an A4-sheet of paper perfect.

      But, when I ask for two or more months in a FoundSet i got problems with fx March01 coming along with february.

      Are there any way to avoid this? 

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          If you're on a Mac the easiest thing to do is to use File > Page Setup to change your page scale.  


          If you're on a PC changing the scale under print properties won't help because it will still crop the page.  On a PC you need to change the font sizes and make sure the fields in the layout to not exceed the size of a single printed page. 

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            You need a sub-summary on your layout. The sub-summary needs a break-field. In this case I'd go for a calculated field which equals the month your date-field.


            break= month(datefield)   /*calculation result is number*/


            On your layout:

            Create a leading sub-summary when sorted by the field break. Specify "Page break before each occurrence" in Part Definition setup. The sub-summary doesn't need to include any information, and can be as small as you like.


            Sort your records by the break-field, and then by date. Enter preview to see the result.


            If you have records spanning several years, your break-field will have to incorporate the year, something like:

            break = month(datefield) & year(datefield) 

            Now you have to take into account that some months has two digits (oct-dec), so you'll need a calculation replacing 1 with 01, 2 with 02 etc and have the calculation have a text-result. Sorting should then be fine. There's a lot of ways doing this. One example:


            If ( 

              Length ( Month ( date ))=1; 

              0 & Month ( date ) ; 

              Month ( date )


            & Year ( date ) 


            /*Calculation result is text*/ 

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              Thanks. This smells fish.

              I was thinking of a solution with some blank records in adition the date records. And because every record has a uniqe serial no, I could make a special sortorder and a script for this event.

              But your solution looks great.

              Thanks again.


              (koffor sitt vi her å prate engelsk?)