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Call Me Stupid but I just can't get POPOVER to work

Question asked by DennisShovelin on Feb 17, 2015
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Call Me Stupid but I just can't get POPOVER to work


I have worked with Quickbase and Teradata Relational Database but I just can't appear to grasp how popover works like it does in the invoice template for selecting a product.  I want to do the same thing from another table that I have created.  I have looked at this for the past 2 days and just can't get it to work.

I need someone to give help me determine what I am doing wrong.

I just want to display in a portal in a popover the artist names in the artist table and then select one and place it in the field in the invoice data portal.  This is how the add item popover works in the app.  I have copied the same process but I can't make it wok.  It won't even display the records.  I have never had this much trouble relating 2 tables and displaying data.