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    Call/Phone Log



      Call/Phone Log



           I am starting a quick & simple tool for a group I support. It is a simple call sheet to log & track calls , my question is, how should I handed the need for the calls to disaapear when completed it will be Severed up by Server 12 Advanced (Mac). Thanks in advance. Any comment on any aspect are welcome.

           mac support breatheren...


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               You could create a button that sets a value in a field (like the value "completed" in the field "Complete") And that omits the record.

               Then when you enter your layout you just have a script perform a find for all the records where the "Complete" field is empty.

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                 THere are many options and the details depend on how you decide to structure your database.

                 Here are a few options:

                 Your list of calls can be represented by a found set of records. A completed record can be marked complete and omitted from the found set.

                 A portal can list your call records and a relationship on which the portal is based only matches to records for calls that are not complete.

                 A portal filter can exclude all related records where a status field marks the record as complete.

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                   I've tried all replys, but, I cannot craft a script that works. I have a call sheet DB that has a FIELD named Call Code, call code populates status from a drop down which uses a value list :IN (incoming call)LW (left word)TBC (to be called)Complete. I am trying ( with no success) to script a find that finds all records marked Comlete, omits them, then returns to Browse mode in a specific layout. If its simple for you, SALUTE!!!! Anyone, Bueller, Anyone????

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                     I made you a very simple example:


                     There are two possibilities to set a record as complete.

                     Either click the button and a script is performed.

                     Or change the Call Code dropdown.

                     When you select "Complete" a script trigger will run a script.

                     I hope this clears things up a bit.

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                       Sorry DaSaint .Just got back from a whirlwind trip around the Company, sorry. Well, you taught me somethings I never thought of TYVM. I am serving  this on FMP Server 12 Adv OS X and am it seems the changes only display one way. There is a server conflict with the mark as complete script, could this be keeping the shared DB from updating on multiple logons??

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                         What do you mean with the changes only display one way?

                         Do you mean that when you mark a phone log as complete it doesn't disappear on the other computers layouts?

                         Because in that script we are omitting the record. And that will only happen on the current users computer.

                         The other users still have the found set they had when they entered the layout.

                         If that is the problem then it might be a solution to perform a find again after marking a call as complete. That way all calls that have been marked as complete in the mean time are also removed from the found set.

                         The only annoying thing about this is that you will again arrive at the top of the screen which might be annoying if you had scrolled down.

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                           That is exactly the issue!!  The final product was so spot on, other users wanted in and so, i put on my FMP server.

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                             I made a little change.

                             Try this.


                             You can put this on Filemaker server as a second file so you can test it first.

                             Then either manually make the changes or import the data in the new file and change it on server.

                             I made changes to the following scripts:

                             - Mark As Complete
                             - Script Trigger Complete

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                               Still outta synch. I checked thr Script compatibilty with ServerMode and saw the in Mark as Complete: See screenshot


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                                 You can try removing it and adding it again.

                                 If that doesn't work, just remove it. It's just an extra, not really neccesary anymore.

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                                   The entire script or just the single command?

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                                     Just the single commit record step that saying 'not compatible'

                                     Remove it and then in the left column, under records, look for it and add it again, on the same spot.

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                                       No change unless I check the box that says "Perform without dialog" then server incompatibilty goes away

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                                         Brilliant. That's good.

                                         Do that.

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