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Calling TABS

Question asked by gldiaz on Aug 23, 2011
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Calling TABS


 Hello All,

I continue to learn from many of you, but this question comes from a need to understand the following.

I am unclear on "How or what it takes to have a layout made with multiple tabs, calling each other".

My question is : Say, I have page with (3) existing tabs at the top of the page.
I need to understand and how to create Sub TABS. (Still learning Fmk11)

You see, I would like to have a page with (3 or whatever # tabs at the top of the page).
If I select one of these tabs, I need a lower set (at the middle of the page)  to show related or selectable tabs(giving drill down details).
I can't seem to find "How to create and call the sub tabs) to get and establish these middle tabs.
Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Direction to an existing solution would be appreciated or a explaination
on how one set of tabs can call to another set of tabs, would be appreciated.



ex.  Top TABS might be :

[Exercises]  [Supplements]   [Log]

lower tabs might be

 [Upper Body]   [Back]   [Lower Body]  [Arms] " Of which give either Portal info or entry boxes"
Here's were I get lost. (How does selecting the TOP TABS call the Middle Tabs]?

Tks again.
in FMK 11