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Calls from FileMaker to eSellerate engine

Question asked by GCinSF on Jun 17, 2009
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Calls from FileMaker to eSellerate engine



I apologize in advance if I use the wrong terminology to describe what I am trying to do.

I have created a runtime application that I wish to sell though eSellerate ( One of the services they provide in addition to handling the eCommerce aspects of selling the application, is the generation and validation of serial numbers for authorizing use of software products.

In order to validate a serial number I need to make an API call to their engine (Mac and Windows) from within FileMaker. They provide an SDK to support the following methods: C++, VB, ActiveX and REALbasic. It seems like the engine is a dll file. The following gives you an idea of how I wish to use the service. Any ideas of how I can do this from within FileMaker or anyone with experience in doing this, would be most appreciated.

EXAMPLE: Customer purchased the software through a web store. The customer enters the serial number after the purchase into a field in the FileMaker Runtime application. In response, the FileMaker Runtime application calls ValidateActivation to check the computer for previous activations with that serial number. If none exist, the application calls ActivateSerialNumber and contacts the eSellerate servers. If the ActivateSerialNumber function returns success, Product Activation in the FileMaker Runtime application occurs.

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