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Caluculation referencing current date

Question asked by RyanThomas on Feb 22, 2015
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Caluculation referencing current date



There is a testing program with (3) annual testing windows (Jan, May, and July). I created a field "Testing Window" and need a calculation to auto-populate based on when a student registers.

I have a two-part question:

1. How do I reference the current date in a calclulation?

I'm embarrassed, but I couldn'd figure out how to do this. My work around was to create a field in my table called "Current Date", use the Get (CurrentDate) function, and reference this field in my calculation. Is there a way to simply reference the current date directly in the calculation without having to create a field?

2. What am I doing wrong?

Case (
Month (Current Date) = 1; "Jan " (Year (Current Date));
Month (Current Date)  ≥ 2 and Month (Current Date)  ≤ 5; "May " (Year (Current Date));
Month (Current Date)  ≥ 6 and Month (Current Date)  ≤ 7; "July " (Year (Current Date));

"Jan " (Year (Current Date) +1))