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    Can a list be inverted?



      Can a list be inverted?


      I have a field that automatically populates with the Subject of emails that I send out. For the past two years, I have been merrily tacking subject lines onto the bottom of a growing field. Now that the list is growing, I have concluded (after slapping myself upside the head) that I really should have been adding each subject to the front of the list, so that the list would grow from newest to oldest, instead of the vice-versa.

      Can a script be concocted to reorder the placement of lines in a text field?

      Many thanks...


      Rick A.
      Pleasanton CA

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          If, when you enter the subject line, a date or timestamp is created, you could sort by date. When you say "a growing field" do you mean these dates are being entered into separate records? I hope so.


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            Thanks, Rick --

            My script did indeed include a datestamp, but alas, no, they are not entered into separate records. The field called Correspondence in a person's records grows with each email that I send to that person. For instance, here is what one person's Correspondence field looks like:

            2/1/2005: CorelWorld Alumni News
            4/18/2005: CorelWorld After Hours
            5/11/2005: Countdown to CorelWorld
            6/13/2005: Looking back on CorelWorld
            6/20/2006: Countdown to PowerPoint Live



            It's just a big text dump in ascending chronological order. Now I want the text to be descending (ordered from most recent to oldest).

            Anything come to mind on how to automate that?