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    Can a portal be displayed as a form?



      Can a portal be displayed as a form?


      I have a rather simple database design dealing with loans.  The database has a table for borrowers, loan terms, collateral, and payments.

      In creating the layout for a loan request, I want to have data from borrowers, loan terms, and collateral.  The form will be based on loan terms and have a portal to borrowers and collateral.  Can the portals for borrowers and collateral be forms rather than tables?  If so, how?  To date, I've only seen portals as tables.

      Thanks in advance.


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          If you reduce the number of rows and increase the height of the portal row, you can modify the portal layout to be more like a mini-form than a table.

          Open portal setup, specify 1 portal row.

          When you leave portal setup, click and drag to resize the  portal, then click and drag to resize the row to make it tall enough to arrange fields and other layout objects within the portal row like you would a form view layout.

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            Great PhilModJunk!  Thanks.

            I took it even further.  I took the portal fields outside the border that defined the portal.  Is there a consequence in doing this?

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              Yes there is a consequence, but it may not apply to your particular set up.

              Portals are primarily intended for displaying data from multiple related records. That's the main reason they default to a "mini-table" format when you first create them. 9 times out of 10, that's exactly what you need. If you move the fields outside the boundaries of the portal, they are no longer part of the portal. When you add fields from a related table to your layout, you can no longer access data from multiple records. Instead, only data from the "first" related record will be displayed in the field. If you have only one related record or only want to see/edit data from the first related record, then this is not an issue and you can remove the portal from your layout, and just keep the fields.

              Since the release of fileMaker 11, there is also a second reason for portals, and that's to use a portal filter to control which related record or records are visible and accessible inside the portal. If you move your fields outside the portal, the filter will no longer have any affect on what related record serves up data to that field.