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Can a user create their own login

Question asked by JackPresley on May 31, 2013


Can a user create their own login


     I manage our local high school band boosters database and website. Our current solution is to use the new "Survey" form on Skydrive (similar to Google Forms) for parents to "sign up" and enter their student's data and their own contact data. They can't ever go back and edit the data -- a limitation of Excel Surveys.

     I'm considering Filemaker for this. I only have 4 real users that access the data. But we need 200+ parents to be able to create their own record and then later be able to retrieve it and edit it. I see this as my own employer's website. I can login and edit my info all I want, but I can't see anyone else's data. Seems simple enough. However, my employer has a human resources department that initially creates each employee's record when they are hired. We want that task to fall on the individual parents. I've done this with VB code behind Access, but we see Filemaker as a simpler future for our data management.

     Can anyone point me to a starter that does this or one of the many resources on this website. There is so much here, I'm having a hard time filtering through it all.