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Can any of you smart people explain this?

Question asked by RaySeligman on Apr 13, 2015
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Can any of you smart people explain this?



TI have been using FileMaker since the day it  came out approxima tely 30 years ago. I am currently running Filemaker Server 11 on a Mac Mini running 10.5.6. Has run beautifully for years with absolutely no problems. We have approximately 10 users logged in. None have had any problems at all until approx,. 4 weeks ago. My machine on my desk is a Mac Mini running 10.10.2 and I have had no problems whatever logging into the remote server in the office. In the last 4 weeks when I open filemaker and click on "Remote" or indeed anything all I get is a spinning wheel. But I do have a very small, do nothing FM file on my desktop. When I double click that from the desktop FM opens and I can then go under "File" to "open remote" and I see the remote and can open it and everything is fine. EXCEPT when I go to enter a new record the program is looking for an old "attached?" file that we have not had for probably 15 years. We have always just hit "Cancel" and it allows me to enter the new record. Now when I try to open a new record it just gives me the spinning ball and it just sits there. So I can modify records that are currently on the server but I can't create a new one. Obviously that is a big problem. No one else has the problem. Any suggestions? I don't recall adding any new software to my machine but it's not impossible that something is conflicting. Sorry for writing such a book but I figure out if this group can't come up with a guess, no one can.