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Can any one give me tip?

Question asked by DEADSENi on Jul 26, 2011
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Can any one give me tip?


Hello Peep's

i am creating a database, here are the details

i'm giving bike on installment to my 1 customer, for example, bike cost is 20000 $, 

now on file maker pro, i made few edit box with Label: Installment 1, 2 & So on, now what i want is that, i put 20000 $ in box then i fill Installment boxe's as customer pays to me, but i want when ever i fill installment field, it auto decrease amount from Total Cost

like, Total Cost: 20000 $

Monthly installment is 200 $

now i put in Installment 1: 200 $

after i put price and press Enter, i want that it auto decrease 200 $ from Total cost & make it 18000 $

thing is simple but needs few words to xplain, which formula / method can be used, help with pics will be appreciatable, brief answer too can help me

thank you!