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    Can anyone help me please?



      Can anyone help me please?


       There is a user in my office who just got a brand new computer last week.  I installed Filemaker Pro 12 on her computer. Now, FM will automatically and, seemingly randomly, shut down.  I receive emails from our Filemaker Database about the system. Everytime this happens I get the following messages:

      FileMaker Server on MDO-MOAS reported the following event:

       2012-08-08 11:07:37.062 -0600 Warning     661   MDO-MOAS    Client "Dorothy (OLSEN-95DC21549) []" authentication failed on database "MDO-HD.fmp12" using "Admin [fmapp]".


      Followed by this:

      FileMaker Server on MDO-MOAS reported the following event:

       2012-08-08 11:06:58.375 -0600 Warning     30    MDO-MOAS    Client "Dorothy (OLSEN-95DC21549) []" no longer responding; connection closed. (51)


      Now,  I have installed the new Filemaker Pro 12.0v2 update on her computer, and it still does it. I have turned off every firewall that could potentially be shutting her program down. I can't figure out what is going on. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what might be the cause of all this?  Any help would be extremely appreciated.


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          Can not tell from your question what operating system is being used. The reference to multiple firewalls suggests Windows.

          the FM Server appears to be at IP address  which is suprising.

          The user's computer appears to be at IP address  DHCP being used?

          Are they both on the same router / switch?

          Are there functioning clients on the same network  as the problem user?  (10.104.43.XX)

          Your IP addresses suggest you are an educational system, do you have an IT department?

          The error messages are about communication errors, due to networking or FMP shutdowns.
          The error logs on the user's computer may shed some light.