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Can Anyone Help me Think Through this Setup?

Question asked by fredmckinnon on Aug 1, 2013
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Can Anyone Help me Think Through this Setup?


     Hey folks,

     I hope someone can help me and maybe give a step-by-step of how to set this up.  It's probably far easier than I think.

     I'm trying to build a marketplace category mapper for several online marketplaces.   Each marketplace has it's own category taxonomy that is required for products.

     Here's a synopsis of what they have and need:

     Requires a master category (only a few), a product type, and item type.

     NewEgg, Sears, and Buy.Com each require a category ID.   Each respective marketplace has huge spreadsheet of their categoryIDs.

     My goal is to take the Amazon item types (which are most defined and specific at the product level) and when selecting an Amazon Item Type --- it automatically populates the NewEgg, Sears, and Buy.Com categoryID fields based on a list.

     I got started, and currently have a FM database with 2 relationships:
     1:  Master Lookup
     Includes Amazon Product Category and Amazon Product Type records.

     2:  Product Categories:
     I have this setup where I can import product records ... and then, based on lookups, when I select the big Amazon Product Category, the Amazon Product Types that are only available for that category appear in the Product Type.

     I also had it setup where when you select the product type (again, whose values are dependent on which category was chosen), it then displays only the appropriate Amazon Item Types.

     This is where I'm stuck.

     Once I choose the Amazon Item Type --- I want the NewEgg, Sears, and Buy category IDs to automatically populate.


     So, for examle:

     Product category:  Consumer Electronics

     Product Type:  DVDPlayerOrRecorder

     Item Type:  In-Dash DVD Player

     When I choose "In-Dash DVD Player" --- I want it to populate NewEgg Category field with the correct ID from their taxonomy for that product, etc.

     I realize this means that somewhere, I have to do the work to load EVERY possible amazon item-type, and map each item-type to newegg, sears, and 1x.   The idea is to not have to look those values up every single time.

     I dunno if that makes ANY SENSE whatsoever!