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    Can container hold Image and Text?



      Can container hold Image and Text?


      Hi I'm trying to get a container field to hold Text and Images. But I get the following results whether its a "Set Field" or a calculation with calculation results as container.


      Calc or Set Field                                     Container Field Results

      Image::Tbl ----------------------------------------->   Image

      Text::Tbl ------------------------------------------->   Text

      Image::Tbl & " 123 " & Text::Tbl ---------->   Untitled.png 123 Text


      Is there a way I can have both (Image and text) in  a container field?

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          There is not. Why would you want to do this in the first place? (Explain that and maybe we can suggest an alternative approach.)

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            Thank you for your response. A client wants to export data in pdf format to share with other non-database users. Sometimes the data is Text sometimes it's Images and sometimes it's both Text and Images. To export as pdf, I have set up a container field to cover the whole page. If I create two containers, one dedicated to text and the other to image it will work, however, when the client sends only text or only Image half the page will be empty. Any ideas?

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              A container field is not designed to be used as a text field.  http://www.filemaker.com/help/13/fmp/en/html/create_db.8.19.html

              I would consider it a bug that in even allows text to be inserted.   A container field is designed to store photos, movies, sound, and documents.  You should use a text field to store text.


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                If you are printing or saving as PDF from this layout, you can set the two fields to "slide up" and to "resize enclosing part", both settings in the inspector's position tab.

                Key facts about sliding layout objects:

                1. It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
                3. Sliding fields will shrink but not expand.
                5. All layout objects below and in the same layout part as the slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
                7. Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
                9. Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
                11. Fields will slide up only if Top alignment is specified for it and will slide left only if Left alignment is specified.
                13. Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.
                15. In FMP13, hidden objects (”Hide object when”) will slide/resize.