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Can fields from a search show up in a header?

Question asked by debbiepa on Jul 20, 2013
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Can fields from a search show up in a header?


     I'm fairly new to Filemaker and know nothing about scripting. I do work for a fair and every year I need to make reports of the volunteers in each department. Is it possible to use one layout where the title includes two fields that change depending on the search I do to come up with each department list? Each report would have in the header the name of the fair, the year, the department number and the depatment name.

     For example, my first report would be titled XYZ Fair 2013 Department 8 Eggs and Poultry, the second report would be XYZ Fair 2013 Department 10 4-H, etc. I would like to use the same layout for each report keeping the fair name and year the same, but have the two fields (Department Number and Department Name) reflect in the header of the report without having to make a separate layout for each department.

     Is this possible? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks for your help.