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    Can filemaker be used as a backend for an employee intranet



      Can filemaker be used as a backend for an employee intranet


      I'd like to make items in our FileMaker Database available to employees.  We'd like to publish it on an intranet, using either IWP or PHP.  We's like employees to be able to log in but only see files that are pertinent to them.  So for example, we want them to be able to see and change their address and contact info, but not another employees.  And we want them to see projects they are assigned to but not other employees.  So for example we'd like a sales rep to be able to view their closed deals and details.  Or a service rep to be able to see their scheduled jobs and details.  


      What is the best way to set up the database and login so that users are restricted to being able to view only their data?  I know we can setup user access, but that limits users to view certain layouts, what's the best way to limit them viewing only data that truly pertains to them.




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          Look into Accounts & Privileges.


          You can look into 2 methods depending on your needs...


          1. Users have access to what is applicable to their group.


          2. Users have access to only their records. 


          Sounds like you are after #2.


          Add a field to each table you want to restrict access to, call it Owner.


          Have an auto enter on creation formula to insert Get (AccountName) into this field. 


          Go into Accounts and Privileges and setup user accounts, create a Privilege Set for these users also.


          Edit the Privilege Set, Data Access and Design, Records... Select Custom privileges...


          Select the table, at Set Privileges do the following on View and Edit and Delete actions:


          Select Limited and enter the following formula:


          Owner = Get (AccountName)


          Note Owner is the field that is auto updated to the logged in user account name.


          What this will do is restrict record access to only the user whose account name is in the owner field.


          You may find when looking at layouts users see <No Access> in the field, just do a find on either owner = get(accountname) or, just a find with wildcard such as * on any field, this will restrict the found set to the records the user has view privileges for.



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