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Can FileMaker do ...

Question asked by MstrPBK on Nov 22, 2009
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Can FileMaker do ...


Currently on FMP Advaced 8.5 (soon to be moving to 10.x.


As far as I know in the past ... FileMaker Pro has been able to do what I call 'absolute value' finds.  As in Feild X = value.  What I need is a find referance where the: Does [calculated feild name] = value.  An theortical example might be:


if [feild name being "P"&35+9] = 1

Then x process .... 


Has FM developed far enough so that users can import scripts from text files? I hae no insterest in typing by hand several 1000 sets of find statements.


It also might be nice to have clickable polygon 'hot zones' rather than just circles and squares.


Peter Kelley 

St. Paul, MN USA