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    Can FileMaker do all this?



      Can FileMaker do all this?


      Hi there,

      I just downloaded a trial for FileMaker Pro 11, but before I purchase I was wondering if FileMaker is capable of everything I need.  I am an aviation photographer with about 5000 photos currently catalogued in Excel (I know, rather primitive).  I am looking to use FileMaker both as a photo catalogue but also to aid me in my workflow with the images.  I briefly considered Bento 3, but I require the autofill function that can only be obtained with a relational database.  Essentially I am looking to create something similar to the JetPhotos.Net website, but for only my own locally stored photos.

      The main things I'm after are:

      1. RAW image support (Canon CR2 files) - i.e. the ability to display the raw image similarly to Jpeg
      2. The ability to attach multiple photos (i.e. the original CR2 and an edited Jpeg) to one record
      3. The ability to open a photo from FileMaker in an external editor (Photoshop CS5)
      4. The ability to select certain photos from the database to be added to a separate database that will be on my website (this feature will be added a long way down the track...)
      5. The ability to extract certain EXIF information (i.e. date taken, camera used etc)

      I am currently mucking around with the Windows version under trial while I wait for my new iMac to be delivered, after which time I will run FileMaker on the Mac.

      Many thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered.


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          Yes, but

          There are databases that are designed for photo management. iPhoto for one.

          Filemaker can do all you ask, but reinventing the wheel, without a unique requirement, may not be necessary.

          It all depends on what needs to be stored and how it needs to be accessed. Bento may be a better fit.

          I am unsure about the RAW (CR2?) requirement.

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            Hi there,

            Thanks for the reply.  The main reason I'm not going with iPhoto or Bento is that I need to have the auto-fill functionality that only comes with FileMaker (as far as I know anyway). e.g. each aircraft has an individual registration, and each airport an individual identifier code.  I want to be able to enter the registration and the airport code, and have FileMaker automatically fill in the other details of the aircraft (i.e. Make, Model, Airline etc) and the airport (i.e. Country, City, Airport Name etc).

            Just for clarification, CR2 is Canon's version of the RAW format - Nikkon has a separate file extension, not sure what that is.  If RAW support isn't possible, is it instead possible to reference a jpeg thumbnail of the raw image, which opens the RAW file in Photoshop when clicked?

            Thanks again,


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              Both Bento and Filemaker can do the autofill given a database that contains the related information.

              I understand camera raw, I just doubt that any database (other than a photo database) can display CR2 or NEFF information.

              JPEGs sure. Opening a related CR2 with the same filename, yes.