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    Can Filemaker do this?



      Can Filemaker do this?


      Hi All,


      I am trying to set up a database to manage some information for a research project I am working on. One of the things I want to do is to have a field that is a radio button set (In this cas "yes" or "no").  I would like to then have the appearance of a seperate button be dependent on checking "yes".  In other words, this button (which I will then have bring up a seperate but related layout) would only appear when the field is designated as "yes".  So can filemaker doe this and if so how?  Perhaps this has been covered on another post, if so I apologize for the duplicate question.

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          You could create a calculation field that would hold a button graphic when your radio button is set to yes.

          When it's set to no the calc field would be empty.


          lets call the calc field that will display the button = cButtonField

          the radio yes / no = theRadioButton

          global container field = gButtonGraphic 


          put gButtonGraphic on your admin or system layout that users dont have access to and insert a button graphic that is appropriate. 


          create cButtonField and set the calc to: 


          if ( theRadioButton = "yes";  gButtonGraphic ; "")


          Create a script that will perform what is supposed to happen when the user clicks cButtonField.

          Start the script off with a IF statment  If not isEmpty( cButtonField ), this will keep the button from doing anything if the user inadvertently click where the empty cButtonField is.


          Put the calc field on the layout where you want it to appear.

          Select cButtonField choose Format Menu> Button Setup  

          Set the button setup as a perform script step and select the script you created. 


          I'm pretty sure I got you close if not there.