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Can Filemaker do what I need, advise please.

Question asked by JoshHyman on Feb 20, 2011
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Can Filemaker do what I need, advise please.


Hi folks,

I am considering purchasing filemaker pro for a show that I am working on at the moment.

I will take the time to describe what I ultimately need the program to do...

The first part is a performer database with personal information, contacts, address and costume sizes etc.

The next part is a show database that will be form based, printed each day over about 17 pages and change with each show, if you imagine manylayouts of a stage with field boxes that represent a performers position in each act, when a performer is in a position we will use a value list to select and display their name, there are 17 acts in total and around 20 positions in each act. Each one of the 70 performers can do every position in every act so I guess that each show day would be a record and each position would be a field (around 340 fields in total).

The next part is where things get a little tricky, I would like the show database to relate back to the performer database so that for each performer we would get a record of each position performed each day, stored in the performer database. Ideally we could then look at performer X on day Y and see which fields there name appeared in the show database.

I also need the fields in the show database where the performers names go to hold two different number weightings as I need to calculate a percentage of total show performed and the danger level performed at. Basically at the end of the day I would like to be able to print out a list of performers names and percentages of acts performed within a show.

Sorry if this is unclear, but any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.