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    Can Filemaker integrate with email programs?



      Can Filemaker integrate with email programs?


      Filemaker Pro 11.  I work in the financial services industry and am looking for more efficiency. Some proprietary CRM programs (Redtail, eMoney, for example) include full integration with Outlook and/or Mozilla Thunderbird.  In Redtail, email comes right into the database (looks like Outlook); incoming emails are automatically linked to the client record.  In eMoney, the eMoney program sits as an add-on inside of Outlook (new right-hand pane) and also links directly.  I've already got document storage and retrieval figured out in Filemaker (can save and access docs inside of FM easily).  If I can get email integration, I can probably do away with the temptation of time-consuming and potentially costly migration to one of these proprietary CRM programs.  I know Filemaker is robust and I'm probably accessing only a small part of it.  Is full email integration possible?

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          There are several plug-ins that will allow you to create your own email program within FM. Most of them are cross platform. I am most familiar with Dacon's Mailit and CNS, but google is your friend (well, once you get past the "do no evil" part). If you are on a mac then Automated Workflows has an solution that will import email into a FM database from Mail and Outlook.