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Can FileMaker offer me a solution?

Question asked by MichaelfWatt on Feb 6, 2011
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Can FileMaker offer me a solution?


Hello! I'm wondering if FileMaker can assist me.

Our company site has 1000 product pages... all built in static HTML (no database). Yes, I realize that in this age it's ludicrous. We are on standby to join a global company site so at the moment the company doesn't feel it worthwhile to invest in a CMS.

We would like to add two pieces of data into each product page (into an HTML table).

1. product price2. a link to PDF containing information on hazourdous materia, aka: MSDS sheet

These prices would then change each fiscal year. Rather than copy-paste the data by hand into each product page, is there any way to integrate FileMaker to allow an Excel price sheet to update all of the product pages at once?

Would there still be manual work needed to insert some kind of tag that FileMaker can read into each product page?

Would Filemaker allow a customer to make a search in our website by product number thus displaying the product price?

Thanks for your time!