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    Can filemaker open folders?



      Can filemaker open folders?


      Hello everyone

      I have the free business solution from filemaker which has the wheel in the main window and allows you to open the different modules. I was thinking, it sure would be nice to be able to set up a button on this main window that could open folders on the computer as well. I looked through all of the scripts but none of them said anything about opening folders. Is this wishful thinking?

      Thank you for your time.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Let's say a folder is open with a listing of 100 files.  What would you want to do next?  I'm just trying to get an idea how this would be used.



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            Wow! Somebody heard me. I was beginning to feel that there really is a dumb question you can ask. I was thinking that the main menu window would be nice if I could not only bring up the different databases of FM but also have a button / shortcut that can open a folder on the computer that has my banking software. Or if I can click a button that would opne the folder that has my letters sent to customers and so on.


            I was trying to see if this main window menu of filemaker could used to make shortcuts to open some business folders that I often use for the business. Instead of having to click through the folders on the computer.  I'm probably not making sense. I think I have my answer anyways. With all the silence.


            I think the answer is no. Filemaker opens filemaker templates and filemaker files. The mac computer opens folders on the computer.


            Thank you for your consideration. 



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              There are many ways to ease navigation on a computer.

              On a Mac the easiest way is to navigate to a folder containing a folder that you access often. Make an Alias of that commonly used folder and move it to the desktop. AND drag the folder to the right side of the Dock and it will be in the dock for easy access.

              See the links in this search


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                marco96 wrote:
                I'm probably not making sense. I think I have my answer anyways. With all the silence.


                I think the answer is no.

                What silence? You were asked to clarify your purpose. Now that you did, it's possible to give you some answers. Unless you prefer to jump to the wrong conclusions - so no, you're not making sense.



                You can open a folder or a file using the Open URL[] script step. For example:


                Open URL [ "file:///Users/YourName/Desktop/Stuff" ]


                will open the Stuff folder located on your desktop.



                Another way - if you are on a Mac - is to use the Perform AppleScript[] script step. In Windows, you can use the Send Event[] step instead.

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                     I believe the 'feeling of silence' was that nobody answered after the question was posted, for four days.
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                       The question was asked on a Friday, and answered the following Tuesday. I believe that's quite reasonable in a forum. Considering it then took OP eight days to provide the requested clarification, I see no grounds for complaining.